I am so excited you're here!

I am so excited you're here!

Hi everyone! Just wanted to share a little about myself and my journey to Call Me Kikii.

I’m a native New Yorker transplant to sunny Florida. In a nutshell, I’m a wife, a mom, and a former healthcare worker. I spent 15 years working in an industry where I cared for my patients, supported the constant change in health services, and guarded my favorite pens with the fierceness of a mama bear (If you ever worked in any office, I am sure you can relate, lol).

Owning a business was something I spoke of often, but the timing never felt right. But in 2020, when the pandemic started and life was shifting into our new "norm", I started thinking about the next phase of my life and what I wanted to do for myself. With schools closing and My husband and I working opposite schedules I found myself facing a difficult decision. One night it clicked. Tomorrow is not promised and the "timing" will never feel right! So I traded in my scrubs for my love of fashion and retail!

So here I am. A year and a half later and CallMeKikii.com is here for you to check out some of my favorite styles. I have created this site with you in mind. All my professional women who spend their days in a uniform can relate to experiencing what I like to call the "Cinderella effect". It's when you put on that new dress or flattering pair of Denim, walk into your place of business and you're not recognized by the people you spend most of your days with!

Do you ever want to say….

Yes, I have curves

Yes, I have legs

And YES I'm blessed with this gorgeous body under my uniform!

Our selections are limited hand picked items. If you love it, GRAB IT! When you shop with us, you can be sure to find that  unique, Chic, comfy and flattering item for women just like YOU! As we grow our collections my goal is to carry styles for women of all ages and walks of life. You will never be judged and as we get to know each other, you will learn we have no filter. This is a space for you to feel 100% comfortable being YOU!

And I’m not done yet! As I continue to grow in my journey, I’m working on creating both children and teenagers collections inspired by my kids to hopefully be enjoyed by yours. Stay tuned!

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Yours truly,


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